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Although there are a few pairs of shoes to sell this year, but can not change the basic situation, combined with the well-known shoes today website complex, highsnobiety and tide base "shoes parity data, about 2016 of the year and the most popular 12 pair of shoes, even if you actually limit! 1, Yeezy, Boost 350, V2 "Beluga" release date: September 24, 2016 Currently price: 5300 RMB (42 ) in the second half of a wave of 350 V2, has affected the future of Yeezy, goods quantity, price speculation did decline. you primary color gray orange V2, is still the most popul Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ar . to have more fresh coconut powder, fried price, is also the highest of several pairs of v2. you 2, Adidas, HU, NMD, x Pharrell Williams series currently price: 3600& nbsp; RMB (yellow 42 yards) Pharrell Williams is an old hand at joint sneakers, so the old drivers were extraordinary, and the NMD Hu series was a big hit, you won some back for the NMD family, updated the NMD version, a record high price speculation. you yellow is around 3600 RMB, black is around 2900 rmb. 3, Air, Jordan, 12, Retro, Flu, Game, release date: May 28, 2016 currently price: 1700& nbsp; RMB (42) AJ 12 Flu Game red color, although the same period sales, only last year's big devil's 1/10, but still carry the banner of the army of 12 generation this year. you 4, Yeezy, Boost 750, "light grey", release date: June 11, 2016 currently price: 10500& nbsp; RMB (41) finally said as we expected, VF Vf Corporation's two brands: Vans and The North Face finally came together, the former is good at street skateboard style, the latter is more of a variety to outdoor sports brand positioning of the heart. The North Face x Vans autumn and winter this year, Vault will launch a series of high-end regional warm shoes and clothing function. The joint series contains Sk8-Hi MTE and LX Chukka LX MTE version of the three pairs of double color shoes, and a cotton jacket. Sk8-Hi LX MTE a pair of toe and heel side of a pair of black, dark blue, olive green and the other two sides collocation blue, black. Chukka LX MTE is a classic desert boot shape, al cheap air jordans so a pair of black leather toe and heel blue suede; another pair of brown and black with green, double adaptation. The shoes in the heel printed with the TNF logo, the tongue is no exception, followed by Vans Vault indicated insoles and The North high-end regional Face words, Chukka LX MTE, also used wool to provide warmth. Use the The North Face outsole iconic? Wintergrip composite rubber outsole provides better abrasion resistance. In addition to shoes, Vans Vault and The North Face also launched a cotton jacket, coat color used in black ash more low-key, shoulder used Vans known as the checkerboard pattern, with 700 internal velvet warm. The North Face x Vans Vault 2015 Vans Vault will start in the autumn and winter joint sellers on sale in October 31st, Chukka LX MTE shoe price 130 USD, Sk8-Hi LX MTE at 120 USD, 300 USD pricing cotton jacket. China will be available in the following: Deal, IT, tide shop, Juice Unik (of space) and? WH101 (Wuhan fashion factory 101). WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogBy Pharrell and Mark McNairy BBC with the lead designer Bee Line for Billionaire Boys brand extension Club recently teamed up with Timberland to Timberland 6-Inch the blueprint for the design, the selection of brilliant color and red leather made of high quality. The shoe body in addition to retain the Timberland suppressed logo, more attached to the special Bee Line embroidery, finally matched with the same form below in red showing trans air jordan 11 space jam for sale lucent outsole. This global limited edition of 300, interested friends can take the general time. release date: August 18th bee-line-for-billionaire-boys-club-x-timberland-6-inch-boot-11.jpg (67.58 KB, download number: 13) download Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club x Timberland 2014-8-2 14:49 upload bee-line-timberland-red-boot-pharrell-bbc-ice-cream-2.jpg (150.22 KB, download number: 13) download Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club x Timberland 2014-8-3 11:07 6-Inch Timberland upload, 00In the case of China's sharp decline in exports, the Heihe port in the first quarter of this year, shoes and boots merchandise exports showed a contrarian trend of growth. According to statistics, Heihe inspection and Quarantine Bureau of 189 batches of such goods, the value of 8 million 22 thousand and 300 U. s.dollars, 1 million 452 thousand and 800 pairs, an increase of 20.38%, respectively, 53.54%, 48.73%. According to the inspection and quarantine departments, the main reason is the growth in demand in Russia, China manufacturing decline in China's exports greatly under the condition of the first quarter of this year, Heihe ports footwear products export is contrarian growth. according to statistics, the Heihe inspection and Quarantine Bureau of 189 batches of such goods, the value of 8 million 22 thousand and 300 U. s.dollars, 1 million 452 thousand and 800 pairs, an increase of 20.38%, respectively, 53.54%, 48.73%. According to the inspection and quarantine department, the main reason for the growth is the strong demand in Russia, the Chines jordans on sale mens e made shoes and boots are cheap and fine. At the same time, Russian governance, gray customs clearance efforts continue to increase, so that such commodities gradually into the track of normal trade channels exports. (Editor: admin).& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Description: As an Olympic sponsor regulars, Adidas the Beijing Olympic Games sponsor status determined to win, there is news that Adidas with huge sponsorship fee to local brand Li Ning direct extrusion 2008 Official Sponsor List . Phase ??????? main public strategic, Nike is greater use of athletes and sports teams appeal, radiation to like sports crowd. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chen is a typical sports fan. Every night, he came home the first thing is to open the CCTV Olympic Channel to watch the latest sports broadcast. One weekend, he will also assemble their own antenna device playing a lot, even if the image is not clear, also brought great joy to indulge in the Premiership 90 minutes confrontations. it is more of a love of Nike to the bone man. Whenever this brand launched any one of football shoes, he will surely go to the store pondering. "I do not have to buy every pair, but I want to know these shoes look like." He is very clear, Nike rival Adidas sponsored the Beijing Olympic event, but for the purposes of this seems Chen We can not change his love for Nike. "I'm not a person just like sports, very young, I only have feelings for Nike." However, Nike rarely in public, talking about her this rival, although generally people We will put the two par. And this official Beijing jordan 3 katrina 2018 Olympic sponsor Adidas is confident the 2008 as an excellent opportunity to increase brand value, "in 2008 we will surpass Nike in China", many years ago, Adidas on the release of rhetoric. completely contrary to the Olympics, Nike and Adidas policies on the Olympic Games. Nike prefer all types of athletes and sports teams; Adidas tend to directly hand the official. History of the most intense collisions, will bring something to Adidas and Nike do? rival Fengeng Beijing Olympics 1928, Adidas founder Adi? Dassler Amsterdam Olympic athletes produced the first products, opened the Adidas and Olympic origin. Adidas view is that they have always paid great attention to cooperation with the Organizing Committee, so that the brand can ensure maximum spread. As a frequent visitor to the Olympic sponsor Adidas for the Beijing Olympic Games sponsor status determined to win, there is news that Adidas with huge sponsorship fee directly out of the local brand Li Ning, an official sponsor of the 2008 list. Adidas Olympic policy the most obvious is the store. Reporters in Shanghai, a number of shopping malls to see, Adidas most indoor stores are prominently posted the Olympic rings and the Chinese Olympic "human" character graphics, and the Adidas mark its match each other. In contrast Nike store in a posted no Olympic posters, the clerk would not take the initiative in introducing the products referred to "Olympic" word. Moreover, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, adidas will provide all staff, the torch relay, volunteers and technical staff, refer cheap foamposites ees clothing and sports equipment. At the same time, all athletes receiving awards will also be designed and made of Adidas. Nike is the official sponsor of the Olympic Games become attached to quite a small party, but Nike's strategy is circuitous and effective. We attach great importance to athletes and sports teams Nike and include basketball, swimming, weightlifting, boxing, track and field and more than 20 sports teams signed a sponsorship agreement. This is a little awkward Adidas, the choice is quite limited, the opportunity to sponsor only judo, men and women soccer and volleyball teams. Data show that Nike sponsored team, ???????, the total number of Li Ning sponsored three other sporting goods even higher. Competition on the field If the sponsor perspective, the beginning of the August 8 Olympic event, will allow the two companies to enter the competition is heating up. Adidas that, in that moment, receiving awards in the highest exposure of the Chinese delegation, when the national anthem played, people will remember the championship podium, while Adidas clothing will also be compelling. And tens of thousands of volunteers to dress, it will also enhance the Adidas brand influence. In this regard, Adidas will not only affect the participation of the game a variety of audiences, affecting large numbers of people to participate in the Olympic Games, but also for the volunteers themselves direct guidance. Volunteer is the company's new customers or new users. This is also home to Adidas' bring people feel special "concept. They jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black use their experience to comprehend wearing lightweight and comfort Adidas clothing, thus becoming sustained consumer. ??????? main public strategic phase, the increased use of Nike athletes and sports teams appeal, radiation to like sports crowd. Nike and dozens of international big-name sports stars were long-term strategic cooperation. Chen said: "I like Nike, is very like those players it sponsored, such as Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian this kind." Some Olympic teams and athletes in the Olympic games will be wearing Nike apparel and other sporting goods. BOCOG has apparently seen the deep, "hidden" Injuries its official sponsors. Thus, in July last year, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee officials said that during the match, prohibiting non-Olympic sponsors athletes do advertising. He also pointed out that Nike and Liu Xiang should take the time to empty out the Olympics. Liu Xiang to participate in the competition, it is necessary and BOCOG signed an agreement to declare itself during this time is not a non-Olympic sponsors to advertise. competitors abacus For the average consumer, they do not necessarily be able to distinguish sponsor is Nike or Adidas. Although Nike subject to many limitations, but that does not mean it is an Olympic losers. This corporate sponsorship and collaboration of athletes, deep strategy. This strategy will affect the future of each session of the game, so that more long-term Nike elite athletes at the Olympics, "endorsement" and continued to collide with Adidas. This is for sports brands, as well as oth jordans on sale online er industry, it is an excellent case. In fact, Nike has long concerned about the huge appeal brought by the athletes themselves, as early as 2001, Nike had already tapped into the potential of Liu Xiang. According to reports, Nike has an important internal team, specifically looking for potential athletes, team members have came from elite athletes, they can through a series of domestic and international sports events and profound industry insight, mining has super potential and not famous athlete as a spokesperson, and a long-term contract and training. On cooperation and athletes, Nike also pay more attention to the demands and characteristics of the athletes, as they won a tailored more for their products, helping them to achieve better results at the Olympic Games, this will encourage athletes willing to maintain long-term willingness to cooperate to further unite niche sports fans. "Because the real consumption of sports products, or sports enthusiasts." The person said. No doubt, Nike inside, there is a system in supporting all of this, this is not the Olympic Games will be able to be completed. "Nike spent each year on the international sports teams and athletes of money, may ??????? support once the Olympic Games but also the huge cost." Insiders.NIKE AIR MAX TEMPO, a team of 90 common shoes in the 1980s, when Scotty · Pippin's feet and speak quite well known. Shoes in 2014 in late December handy to have new engraved release series. This is named "tonal" series consists of red, blue and green tricolor. The red version previ buy cheap jordans online ously in Chinese version on sale, but this time again to bring in a series of physical map royal blue color appreciation. When the guest shoes identification of the hot line, to support the fight against fake ma!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: Life Shelfdon't spit coconut ugly and expensive shoes. Although expensive, but it is comfortable to wear, the quality is also very good. If you bought this pair of shoes 10 engraved, that will really heartache! The 10.2012 version of Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2k4 engravedThe Nike Air Zoom 2012 engraved Huarache 2K4 because NSW is produced. Although some fans found anatomy shoes shrink, carbon plate, Air Zoom a no less, but because the body of the shoe workmanship and materials, fracture, fracture of the upper vamp problems often occur. 9.2013 version engraved Reebok Shaqnosis O'neal's boots are not many, one of which is Shaqnosis Reebok. "Ring" is the nickname for Reebok Shaqnosis fans, unfortunately, generally wear vamp months black "stripes" will be off-line, the body of the shoe holes will appear long wear fracture problems. Well! After all, engraved shoes. 8.2012 Nike Air More Uptempo engraved version is also a classic boots ", AIR" its engraved shoes and rings, more in name than in reality. Engraved the Olympic "big AIR" air pressure is very low, with a limp hand. The type of shoes compared to version 201 Retro jordans for sale 0 engraved black "big AIR" can become more bloated, culture shoes. 7.2012 Nike Shox bb4 engraved version Nike Shos bb4 as Carter's Olympic boots, classic index needless to say. The front of the shoe back engraved Zoom, Shox configuration and no deletion, deletion of the first year of the upper paw technology low-key, which greatly reduces the stability, are we too picky? 6.2014 version engraved Adidas T-Mac3 boots classic McGrady non Adidas T-Mac 3 "red and blue patent leather shoes Yuanyang collocation show gas at. This pair of T-Mac 3 All Star Leather Yuanyang in 2014 were also engraved, engraved like other color. Unfortunately, this shoe engraved shoes were castrated, forefoot adiPRENT+ technology disappear, not easy to say love you! The 5.2013 version of Nike Air Zoom The Glove engravedThis is a classic Payton shoes, replica is not satisfactory. Despite the reservations of upper paw design, but in the end and basically the whole change, not something as small palm, hexagonal zoom, Tpu in the end. Needless to say, these shoes certainly reduced to culture shoes. The 4.2008 version of Air Jordan Jumpman Team Pro engraved Air Jordan〉 Asia Pacific shoes Market in recent years of rapid growth, has also led to a large group of people who love shoes culture, especially in Malaysia for what. SneakerLAH recently held in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur shoes exhibition began, many local shoe lovers, Sneakerhead or carrying their own collection of shoes exhibitors, or to come to observe and exchange and learning. The scene which many countless good shoes, at present has reached the price of shoes today, let's take a look at the 20 pair of shoes SneakerLAH shoes exhibition site the most expensive! many Vans shoes in California: Blends and Vans Vault famous tide shop in a few years before the launch of the Sk8-Hi Reissue Zip LX black and white head shoes ranked fourth, this pair of shoes market price to about $1013, equivalent to 6790 yuan. To commemorate the Vans as the legendary American skaters Steve Caballero launched 20th anniversary signature shoes and create Vans Half Cab commemorative shoes, ranked second, the market price of about $2404, or about 16114 yuan?. This pair of shoes before we have been reported (portal), offering a total of 20 pairs (20th anniversary, Memorial) by Steve Caballero to the upper is cut short, and sticky tape, to pay tribute to the Cab Half Cab by Full to the evolution of the classic story. twentieth: MASTERMIND JAPAN x Isetan x Timberland 4 Eye Short Boots (about $$290 ?) nineteenth: Royalefam SBTG x Paranoid Nike Dunk Low "Vacuum Tracer" double limit is 10 (about $313 dollars) eighteenth: Diamond x Nike SB Dunk High ($$340) seventeenth: Supreme x? Air Jordan 5 "White" (about $360 dollars) sixteenth: Highsnobiety x adidas Ultra Boost ($$360) fifteenth: Air Jordan 2 Retro Quai 54 (about $360 dollars) fourteenth: Supr Bo previously, Nike released the #BETRUE LGBT themed series color, remove free run in NSW in 5.0 and Roshe one and a pair of basketball shoes HyperRev 2015 Yazhen; shoes black main colors seemingly low-key, but lining texture patterns and colorful gradient color outsole is also graced many, followed by the pull ring on the same effect "BETRUE words for theme more prominent is directly in place. Currently, it has landed the US version, will be available for sale, priced at $150, No. 801626-910. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!Nike Air Flightposite Exposed "Zebra" available information to determine 2013-12-08 23:47:34 NSW Air Flightposite the upper fastener removed, with "Exposed" title designed this double Nike Air Flightposite Exposed. Uppers silver zebra pattern and a touch of looming red cover, the effect is very exaggerated. The sole use of translucent red rubber material, enhanced its trend texture. Remove the zipper design to enhance a certain permeability, the visual effect has been renewed. Visible Air Flightposite handled in NSW has slowly receded after the year kingly court to face the nascent trend of industry re-enter the market, do not know will not buy it. This shoe will enter on October 26 retail outlets, priced at $ 210, Item No. 616765-001. Dare To Fly - Air Jordan 28 conference site Watch 2013-12-08 22:47:33 Today we take a look back at Jordan Dare To Fly Brand activities held in New York the day before yesterday, Jordan Brand also in this event published in the late heavy shoes - Air Jordan 28. On the day's activities, Jordan Brand is not only invited to the Air Jordan 28's two designers: Tinker Hatfield, vice president of special projects designed Nike and Jordan Brand Development division Josh Heard, also invited Carmelo Anthony, Russell Davis Brooke and other spokesmen. Shawn network of drying Air Jordan 3 "Wang Chau Industrial" private custom 2014-05-21 02:02:03 led by the Hong Kong artist Shawn Wang Chau Industrial basketball team in the mainland also has high visibility, recently A music but also in the personal Instagram drying out of a specially designed for his team to create a custom made shoes party Soleclinics Air Jordan 3 private custom work. Red and white shoes with blue tone, supplemented by white midsole and lining, and add the words on the tongue very prominent "Wang Chau industry" in order to highlight the theme! & nbsp; adidas Originals by Bedwin 2014 joint family image video released 2014-05-06 22:47:30 Yesterday, for you to bring a small series by the Japanese fashion brand adidas Originals Bedwin work together to launch a joint series with the catalog, the brand also went to Japan in the local location shooting a promotional video of the series. This line of clothing and shoes were together debut, Bedwin consistent street casual style in the joint planning is also accentuates. At present, the series has landed the world's major designated stores, some shoes have also been reported in the shoe store shelves, like a friend can refer to.